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What Are The Best Bike for A 9 Year Old? – River Market Cyclery

What Are The Best Bike for A 9 Year Old?

What Are The Best Bike for A 9 Year Old
What Are The Best Bike for A 9 Year Old

Getting a new bike in this exposing information on the internet time has never been an easy task and buying a good fit bike for your 9 years old is yet, even harder. That’s why you’re here with me. So let me just introduce you to some information for a good bike for your kids, and then we’ll walk through some good pieces to get.

You’ll find a table of sizes for different ages online everywhere, but to be specific, your 9 years old kid needs a 24” bike. However, you might have to consider a lot, because not every kid is the same. Make sure you leave some spaces for them to grow up and still be interested and fit in the bike. You don’t want to pay for a new bike every summer!

Top Best Bike for Kids at 9 years old (8 to 11 years old one is acceptable)

Alysa Kid Bike by Raleigh

Alysa Kid Bike by Raleigh

First thing first, the unisex color would of this Alysa not turn you down. The design is specialized for a long trip for your kids and family/ The lightweight aluminum frame will allow your kid to ride it easily. With the range of ages from 8 to 12, this model should be the most suitable one. Either your kid will ride it to school or in the garden, it would make the trips comfortable.

The wheels are also a good add on with 24” diameter and 1.75” wide. So, the balance and easy-rolling when riding are assured for your kids.

The frame of the Alysa Bike is pretty low in comparison with other models. Your girl can find it accessible to control the bike. And if your kids are from 53” to 61” tall, this bike is the best fit model. And if your kid prefers to ride on a long trail, the bike can be a good choice with the design of 7 gears. The Shimano Reva system can help your 9 years old kid switch speed easily.

The seat is also made with padding, so it’s a super delight for a commuting session.

As I mentioned, the aluminum frame helps to reduce the total weight combined with the Alloy V brake to make the bike safe and under control.

However, you need also to remember the fact that there is no guarded chain for this bike model. Sometimes, your kids might find it’s an inconvenience because of being caught by the chain if they are wearing skirts or pants.

Original Kids’ Bike by Guardian

Original Kids’ Bike by Guardian

This bike’s price would be a little bit high to some of your budget ($439) but trust me, it’s a worthy piece of gear you would love to buy for your kids. The brakes system is the best component that I would like to mention first. There will be no case of accidents if the handlebars are pulled over so that your kid’s head is bumped into something dangerous. So, the safety of this bike is guaranteed.

With the kids from 4ft2 to 5ft1 tall, the bike is good to ride in any condition. The weight of only 23.5 lbs is a big surprise for the whole system and gives your kids all the restraint.

Another plus for this bike is the almost-done-assembling box in shipping. So, you got the 7-speed gear, the rims, and the kickstand are all set to go.

The geometry is another advantage that your child will love about this model. It’s pretty low and the frame is near the ground so that it’s easier to get balance and a sturdier ride.

If there are any cons for this bike, it would be a slim and uncomfortable seat. So be aware of the problem!

BMX Race Bike by Mongoose

BMX Race Bike by Mongoose

Mongoose has been a good BMX brand that I mentioned in some of the previous articles, but this Race Bike model is a good one if you’re your 9 years old kid. This model is good for kids who love to take an adventure ride around the mountain with you. Same as 2 other models, this bike is 24” and designed with a T1 aluminum frame so that’s pretty light and durable.

One thing I like about this Mongoose is the inside cables and headset that is hidden in the frame rather than being hanged outside. Safety is really important with a BMX bike, and so it is with this Mongoose edition.

With the Arisub XLR8 tires which are big and dense, the bike can go over different terrains and weather conditions. The rims that are designed double-wall are added to the safety and speed of the bike when needed. Same as the Guardian model, the Mongoose gets the V-brake system which is concise and easy to control speed.

Every jump of the bike in hard conditions is calculated with good control and safety. The handlebars are attached and sealed to the steer.

It’s just a little bit heavier than the Guardian model with 25 lbs of weight. But be considered, this is the BMX one, it’s a good weight for a denser model like Mongoose.

The assembling session can’t be a big problem for this bike because it will come to your door with 99% of the bike. Add on some small components and that’s all to consider about.

The pedals are made in plastic. Yes, it might look cheap, but you can always change to a good metal one any time!

Tess girl by Diamondback

Tess girl by Diamondback

Another brand that’s not so famous, but you will love its price. This model is good for a girl, but I think any gender can get it. The bike is a mountain bike with a good stiff steel frame, but you can still use it in any kind of condition.

The 21-speed Shimano system is a good component to mention along with the interruption fork will make your kids love this bike. They can still make some rounds in the neighborhood and garden.

The dual brakes are good and strong, so your kid won’t have to worry about going down the hills.

The tires would be the best part to mention for these Diamondback models. It’s wider and easier to go over the rocks or traction. Though it’s a good mountain bike among the list, I would have to ensure you know the fact that the chain of the bike is pretty hard to maintain. So, watch out and don’t make it so hard on this kids’ bike.


So these are the top 4 kid’s bikes that are good for your 9 years old. The kids can grow so fast, so be sure you consider a good and affordable one for them. Nevertheless, it needs to ensure the safety and the entertaining ability of your kids.

Hope you like the list and make it a piece of helpful advice!

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