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About Our Team – River Market Cyclery

About Our Team

River Market Cyclery is a team of beginner to advanced riders who are incredibly passionate about cycling and want to spread the love and knowledge with the community.

On our blog, you will find a ton of content that can benefit you and your journey of learning how to cycle:

  • Detailed reviews: these reviews outline the advantages and disadvantages of different types of bikes and what they are best used for. You will never regret buying the wrong bikes again.
  • How-to tutorials: these tutorials are written for beginners and advanced riders. We understand the struggles you guys may face when trying to fix something that doesn’t work properly on your bikes. With these, things will be much easier.
  • Buyer’s guide: we also have many special buyer’s guides that will help guide you to the best decision you can make. These guides act as a protection to safeguard you from buying fake or low-quality products.

Our Team

Anita C. Frazier, Reviewer & Editor-in-Chief

Hello, I am the editor-in-chief of River Market Cyclery. For every product that we put up on this page in front of you, we have done a great amount of research behind the scene.

We have checked the brand name, the quality, what other customers are saying, and how the company deal with complaints. Only when the products pass these strict criteria do we display them for your consideration.

We believe this is a great way to save you a ton of time doing research and still get the most up-to-date and accurate information.

John D. Voorhies, Quality Checker & Writer

Hi, I am the quality checker of River Market Cyclery. Personally, I also do a lot of biking in my free time. I have an electric bike and 2 mountain bikes at home. This real-world experience has helped me a lot in knowing which bike to pick for what specific need.

When I check for the bike’s quality, I usually look at how it is made. For example, is the frame strong enough, is the geometry good enough for this style of riding, and how well does the bike perform under different environments. Only the best of the best are selected and presented on our blog. Connect with us & check out more awesome stuff for yourself.

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